Navien Condensing Water Heater VS Non-Condensing

In this article we will be looking at the benefits of having a Navien tankless condensing water heater over a non-condensing tankless water heater . The most famous and popular brand for condensing water heaters is the Navien brand due to the level of experience they have in this market. There is no real difference from NR and new model NPE (series) the hot water heating is the same process for both models and just design changes. The Navien water heater is originally from Canada, and has a new development using a condensing technology you can see in this video below the major differences in Condensing water heater Vs regular non condensing types.

This is a dual heat process technique this makes Navian tankless systems upwards of 97% efficiency. Navien developed this system  since the beginning and now the majority of other tankless water heater brands have developed new versions based on this system of condensing tankless technology. Navien has a few negative reviews in the past be this has changed and they have really worked out on the problems. I am confident in saying that Navien makes the best and most reliable tankless condensing water heater.

Tankless Features of a Condensing Water Heater


Navien’s Premium Tankless Gas Water Heaters are available for home and commercial use. They do have endless amounts of hot and warm water during any time that is needed. we will also have a look at the Rheem Condensing Boiler as a short review below to insure you fully understand the benefits of these water heaters.

How the Rheem Condensing Tankless Water Heater works

So what are the major benefits of a Rheem or Navien tankless condensing gas water heater systems in addition to various other water heater items? Navien focuses on condensing tankless water heating units and also this condensing innovation offers the brand’s devices exceptional effectiveness. Actually, Navien’s water heating units boast an average of 0.98 efficiency aspect. This is a significant improvement from typical tank water heating units that simply have a 0.55 power aspect. At the same time, the ordinary tankless water heater has an 0.82 performance grade. Although there are other brand names that are presently manufacturing condensing tankless water heater units, their average power aspect simply gets to 0.95, which is certainly way here Navien’s efficiency quality.

condensing tankless water heater

For the typical home owner, this superior thermal performance equates to decrease prices in energy costs and this is the biggest difference your overall yearly saving. you will be able to run 3-4 appliances with this unit without any issues at the same time.

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Besides its cutting edge condensing modern technology, the Navien tankless water heater is likewise furnished with ECO Premixed Burners which considerably cut down the heater’s NOx as well as Carbon Monoxide discharges by as much as 75 %. This Eco Burner Technology makes the Navien tankless water heater among one of the most environmentally friendly tankless heaters on the market, below you can see the Navien water heater specifications chart comparison.

navien tankless water heater

Navien tankless water heater

Its Comfort Flow Innovation is an additional function that gives Navien’s tankless items an edge over the competition. A lot of tankless water heating systems have a “cool water sandwich issue”, wherein the supply of hot water moves inconsistency, causing short bursts of cold water between warm water flow. With Navien’s re-circulation pump and also barrier tank, this chilly water sandwich sensation never ever becomes a problem.

How Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heater Work Vs Non Condensing

Watch this short video to fully understand how this condensing water heater works. This Video Below is a non Bias view on how Condensing water heater work and its positive and negative aspects against non condensing water heaters.

Condensing Tankless

A condensing system utilizes two heat ex-changers.  The larger primarily ex-changer is the main component used to heat your water up.  The smaller heat ex-changer utilizes the otherwise waste heat within the exhaust to reheat the incoming water, further increasing efficiency. A condensing tankless is roughly between 95% and 98% efficient.

Non-Condensing Tankless

These systems are a little less complicated in that they only have one heat ex-changer.  It sole task is to heat your water up to the desired temperature fast.  A non-condensing thankless averages around 82% -84% efficient with just the single heat ex-changer.

Other Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

Below is a short list of other condensing tankless water heaters that we would recommend looking into

Below is the most efficient of all the Navien’s NPE 210S



Naturally, Navien tankless water heaters evaluations are not excellent, although unfavorable comments has been very minimal in comparison to other brand name evaluations. For example, a couple of customers whined about the problem of finding qualified and qualified Navien service technicians, specifically in more backwoods. This implies that repair could take much longer in some places as of this moment there is no common Navien tankless water heater problems.

Navien Boiler Conclusion

There are a few other brands of tankless systems out there and they are competitive in this we are discussion.  Unfortunately they just don’t attain the same build quality and thus reliability you need to expect from a system designed to last 20 or more years.  If you’re looking to get a tankless water heater for your home make sure to get a quote from the three manufactures we suggested.  Make sure the condensing water heater system fits your needs and have a professional install it if your are not confident doing it your self.