How to fix a leaky toilet

A leaking toilet can be a pain; there are several places a leak can be found. I found a leak from the main water supply under the tank; I could just nip the nut and have a quick fix. But I want a more permanent fix so have decided to replace this with a flexi pipe with a shut off valve to prevent any further leaks. This whole process has taken less than an hour and once done you will have a leak free toilet from the under side of your toilet.

leaking pipe under toilet tank

How to fix a toilet leaking at base Step-By-Step

What I will be doing is removing the old copper pipe and installing a flexi pipe with a shutoff valve this will give me instant access to isolating the water to the tank in-case of any further major leaks from the toilet. while replacing the old copper pipe with this new flexi pipe I will also fix the leak and will show you a great tip on step 5 that will in all cases stop any leak from your pipe joins.

Step 1 remove nut and disconnect

Unscrew the nut from the pipe connecting to the toilet and release the pipe from the tank.

disconnet pipe from toilet

Step 2

Wrap PTFE tape around the thread and connect the new flexi pipe to the same location hand tight and the lay out the pipe with a smooth line following the main water pipe. Mark the cut area and use your copper pipe cutters to trim away the copper pipe then remove the cut pipe.

attach flexi pipe

Step 3

Remove old paint work from the cut copper pipe this gives the new pipe area to grip and hold, keep your flexi pipe secure

clean copper pipe

Step 4

slip the nut and olive onto the copper pipe wrap PTFE tape around the olive and pipe this will ensure you have a water tight seal.

attach nut and olive

Step 5

Begin to hand tighten the nut to the flexi pipe then with an adjustable wrench tighten 1 and 1/4 turn insure its firm but not over tighten as this can deform the olive and cause a leak in future. Once tight begin to tighten the nut under the toilet tank to firmly secure a watertight seal also. take a look at Water Leak Prevention Tip for more information on water leak free pipes.

tighten finish

There are many other issues that can cause water leaks from your toilet this is just one common leak. There will be more future articles on other leaks and how to detect where the water leak is coming from.